In search of “YUM”

When someone utters “Yum”, you know exactly what they mean.  On-line Webster defines ‘yum’ as an expression of pleasurable satisfaction. That’s powerful, isn’t it?  Not only satisfied, but in a manner which brings pleasure! A business, product or service that takes me there deserves an audible “YUM”!  Our expectations have changed and we find our standards constantly shifting with the swarm to a new normal.   It came to my attention when I visited a neighborhood locally owned business.  I thank heaven they brought me to my senses.  That experience reminded me that our communities are full of local goodness;  folks who believe they have something special to offer and risk everything they have to bring it to us.  That is where you’ll find the memorable moments.  Unexpected brushes with ‘pleasurable’ satisfaction. Things that make you go, “yum”.  

Enter 2008, and the restaurant game changed.  Everything changed.  The dominance of speed and convenience has kicked quality and customer service to the curb.   How can you possibly compete with the big boys  on price?   In order to reach mass appeal, today’s investments must be cheap, homogenized, easily duplicated and fast, fast, fast.    The process strips away the natural deliciousness……YUM has left the building…..


LET ME  REMIND YOU WHY YOU GOT INTO THIS  BUSINESS IN THE FIRST PLACE…………..Please take a moment to view a 2 minute refresher:  (Put together by Siamiak Taghaddos (of Grasshopper)

If watching that video doesn’t remind you of why you got into the business in the first place, then you might not have what it takes to weather this storm.  Do yourself (and your loved ones) a favor, and get out now.   Shut it down.   You have  sacrficed so much already…..

OR…….Watch it every morning. ……

 Let it   get   to you. 

Then start fighting for your business…….


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